person holding pencil near laptop computer
person holding pencil near laptop computer
  • Financial Security for dependents.

  • Provision for Medical Expenses.

  • Provision for Accidents, Disability, Critical Illness.

  • Child Education & Marriage.

  • House Purchase & Vehicle Purchase.

  • Retirement & Pension Planning

  • Provision for Hobbies, Vacations, Recreations

  • Mutual Funds

  • Corporate Fixed Deposits

  • Government Bonds

  • Life Insurance

  • Health Insurance

a person holding a glass jar with a plant growing out of it
a person holding a glass jar with a plant growing out of it

To achieve each of your dreams, we design the portfolio with your existing resources keeping in mind your current financial situation and balancing your risk appetite for establishing those financial goals. It brings a smoother transition into different life stages, at the same time staying prepared for emergencies, better tax planning, etc. 

We provide comprehensive solutions to help you secure your and family’s future. Our services include financial planning, investment management, insurance protection, retirement solutions and tax planning. We are a one stop solution for all your financial needs, ensuring that you face no problems during financial emergency.

  • Vehicle, Shop, Home Insurance

  • Other General Insurance products

  • Retirement Solutions

  • Tax Savings Instruments

  • Loans

Single Point has a heritage of providing financial services in the UK, successfully for over a decade, helping our clients achieve their financial goals. Our Company is committed to provide the same degree of professionalism and care to our clients here in India.

We plan both for your short & long term goals, providing financial solutions for you & family at every stage of life ensuring a smoother financial ride. We recommend suitable plans to achieve your life goals after analyzing your personal & financial circumstances.

The products recommended by us are regulated by RBI, SEBI, IRDAI or PFRDA.

Single Point


"I feel secure with my family’s future with the insurance planning advised and which I bought."

"The financial planning I received from Single Point is in tune with my goals."

"I am impressed with the returns on my mutual funds investment advised by Single Point."

"I highly recommend the exceptional professionalism provided by the experts."

Ms Punyatoya Patra
Professor, Delhi University

Mr Rabindra Kumar Pattanaik
Retd. IRS

Sri Soumyajit Pradhan
Inspector, Cooperative Society

Mrs Charulata Panigrahi
Social Activist